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20th, May 2018

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The Lure of Egypt’s Investment Climate: An Interview with the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation
Perhaps two of the most commonly mentioned terms in the news nowadays are investment and reform.
The Economic Reality of Ramadan in the Food Staples Market

“People will not stop buying staples, such as sugar, during Ramadan no matter how much they cost,” says Hany Kamal, assistant manager of Carrefour’s Haram branch.

The Road Ahead for Ridesharing
In cities around the world, taxi drivers collectively stopped traffic on busy roads as they protested the ridesharing superpowers threatening their livelihood.
Can a New Law Protect Your Data?
#DeleteFacebook became a rallying cry after news broke that data mined by Cambridge Analytica on Facebook was used to influence the 2016 presidential election.
The Search for Facebook Alternatives
Despite its security problems, Facebook has few competitors worldwide. Renren, the Chinese equivalent of Facebook, was valued at $7.48 billion in 2011 and peaked at 100 million users in 2013.
The Future of Social Media Marketing

In today’s marketing world, “there’s no doubt social media is king,” says Amr Kamel, managing director of Egyptian digital marketing company 5D.

Bridging the Gulf: What Does GCC Artificial Intelligence Investment Mean for Egypt?
“Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the next big thing for investment in the Middle East.
Wall Street Investors Flee to Emerging Markets
For the first time since the global financial crisis of 2008, it may not a good time to invest in the United States (U.S) stock exchange after its main index, Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI), dropped by 11.6 percent in the six weeks ending March 23..

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